Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Wisdom of The Religious Policeman

Solomon2 sometimes tries to achieve wisdom by stepping back and examining from the outside. He steeps himself in history so each society of today can be analyzed the same way history analyzes ancient Spartans or medeval Normans.

Much more difficult is the task of The Religious Policeman for he does so from within:

Imagine that in the West, you had a school system which sat the children down each day and fed them a tumbler of whisky. They might not like it at first, but they would eventually get used to it. Later on, they would start to look forward to it. By the time they left school, a fair proportion of them would be alcoholics. Perhaps not a problem if they kept it to themselves, but the ones who went out and drove over people or otherwise killed them would start to be a concern. So you would have to start a program of drying-out clinics, to cure them. And they might be successful, although there's no such thing as a cured alcoholic, just one who hasn't had a drink for a length of time. And you might just question the wisdom of spending money and effort creating alcoholics, only to have to spend more money and effort to cure them later.

In Saudi Arabia, we don't feed our children alcohol. Instead, we feed them race hate. It's a progressive thing, building up layer by layer, using the material you see above. Thankfully, many forget it, just like we all forget algebra and bits of history. But there is a proportion for whom it sticks. They are our "alcoholics". And their hatred extends not only to Jews worldwide, but also the countries that are seen to support them - North America, Europe, Australasia. And a proportion of these decide to do something about it, and sign up with the terrorist groups. Eventually they might get caught, and repatriated. And we have our own "drying-out clinics". It's a program where we get people to talk them round, to see the error of their ways, to be rehabilitated. And unlike a drying-out clinic, we keep them in prison in between times, so you can imagine that the "success rate" is a lot higher. It's documented here...

Perhaps. But Saudi Arabia's rulers face a brutal contradiction: If they don't quit sponsoring terrorism, they risk diplomatic, military, and even economic alienation from the West. Yet if they quit sponsoring hatred and terrorism, their subjects may realize that they were tricked into hatred and terrorism in the first place because it distracted them from realizing that they were being dominated, disenfranchised, and deprived of their human rights by a self-serving ruling minority.

Rather than face this dilemma squarely, are the Saudis are seeking a different way out? Building up contacts with China, India, and other newly-developed countries will lessen Saudi Arabia's vulnerability to Western markets and possibly offer a way to counterbalance America's overwhelming military might, or at least neutralize it diplomatically. So if the West ever again suffers a terrorist attack that creates mass casualties by the hands of Saudi citizens, the fate of Saudi Arabia's rulers will remain secure.

In the meantime, Saudi rulers can resume educating their citizens to despise and attack Westerners, Jews, Ba'hais, etc., and thus keep their subject population under effective control just as they did before September 11th, 2001.

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