Tuesday, January 31, 2006

America's Fantastic Islamic Schools!

See them profiled at Private Schools Report:

Beth Rochel School of Monsey, New York
Jewish Primary School of Silver Spring
Bais Yaakov School for Girls of Los Angeles
Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Texas
Cheder Lubavitch of Skokie, Ill.
Beth Moshe Congregation of North Miami
Chalutzim Academy of Philadelphia

- and many, many more! [Hat tip: my wife!]

I note that Christian schools are carefully classed by denomination. Or maybe not so carefully. If James Lamb, the apparent creator of this site, considers the above-listed schools to be "Islamic", just imagine what sort of schools he may classify as "catholic"!

Update, 2/25/05

Private Schools Report has now "converted" many of these "Islamic" schools into "Jewish" ones. Incredible!

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