Sunday, February 05, 2006

The dog did not bark -

- or at least, not very much.

There are 500 Danish troops in Iraq, but only one hundred Iraqis marched at this protest. Those few Danes must be really, really repressive!

Did anyone ever think that it is because the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan have direct experience with Western troops as "occupiers" is the reason why reaction in these countries to the Cartoon War is comparitively muted? By subtracting a national dictator to compel the population, adding a pro-democracy campaign plus an effective anti-terrorist war, and topping it all off with benign contact with Western troops we create a recipe for a better world: the desire for violence is much diminished, and the opportunities for peoples' freedom and happiness much increased.

Those "occupied" by Western troops remain Muslims. But they no longer need submit themselves to the will of a dictator; they can choose only to submit themselves to G-d.

That, my friends, is LIBERATION, not "occupation".

We shouldn't have to leave all the hard work in these matters up to Western soldiers. Hello, State Department? Where are you?

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