Friday, July 14, 2006

Straight out of the Torah!

The Israelis have bombed the Beirut Rafiq al Hariri International Airport terminal.

There was absolutely no reason to do this. The terminal cost a few hundred million dollars to build. The building is/was a beautiful, modern structure.

The Israelis in Lebanon are out to destroy property, not lives.

Note that the Israelis hit the runways first, and the terminal after MEA's jets departed. That way comparitively few people were in the terminal when it was hit. Just imagine the death and chaos that would have ensued had Israel chosen to attack in reverse order.

It's straight out of the Torah (Exodus 21:28): if you host an ox that repeatedly gores innocent bystanders, you are going to have to pay a material price for being complicit. Furthermore, you are obliged to stone the ox. And if you don't do that, expect others to stone you.

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