Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Every Moment Increases the Danger

My government (the one I actually voted for...) did not decide to wage war. A crazy man did that.

But they didn't denounce and ask for help subduing him or his organization, either. At least not openly. And after repeated attacks, well, Israel's response is straight out of the Torah.

It is a lesson in responsibility. The quicker Lebanon learns the less the country will be damaged.
The quicker we learn... What silly paternalism.

Sure, Israel, come and teach the stupid Lebanese how to behave a the dinner table.

Give me a break. That is an example of the most insulting type of anti-arab rhetoric that exists.

Sia'a, it isn't anti-Arab. It's a universal rule, required so that peoples can co-exist in peace. Lebanon wished to reap the benefits of peace while hosting a dangerous bull that repeatedly gored its neighbors. Lebanon cannot avoid responsibility for not making the effort to kill it, but being content with making money instead. The lesson is that if you don't meet your legal and moral obligations, in the end you will be denied the enjoyment of your property anyway.

The solution is to team up with Israel and the international community to enforce the U.N. resolution to disarm Hizbollah. That, of course, takes courage. Is it more courageous to sit back and let your homes be destroyed? Or to team up with Hezbollah so your children may forever be denied the benefits of the peace that you so treasure?

And that's the best-case scenario. Nasrallah and Ahmedijad have stopped mentioning the well-being of Lebanese citizens in their speeches, have they not? The New York Times portrays Syrian citizens as foaming at the mouth at the propect of damaging Israel, forgetting about their Lebanese brethren. As long as Lebanon opposes Israel, there is a green light for Iran-Syria-Hezbollah to employ mass-destruction weapons on Lebanese territory - they can always say the Israelis did it. Every moment Lebanon stays in the Hizbollah camp increases this danger!

Forget anger. Choose survival instead!

Update, 7/21

Israel is expanding its ground force in Lebanon after the discovery an extensive network of tunnels up to 120 feet (40 meters) deep. Hezbollah uses these tunnels for shelter and weapons storage.

The depth of the shelters is far more than needed to protect against conventional bombs. However, the depth is correct if they are meant to protect against nuclear weapons. A small armed force sheltering in such tunnels could dominate a devastated Levant following a nuclear conflict.

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