Monday, July 17, 2006

By Mistake?

Hilal Chouman (CORRECTION: overandout) links to scenes of individuals horribly injured by the Israeli bombing and comments:
Israel didn’t exclude any place. It s targeting civilians -and as usual- .. by mistake!...It is long my friends.. Try to change your priorities according to the current situation as during past raids that Israelis did mistake!

In response to my comment linking to my Friday post, his partner-blogger jij whines
First, look at the pictures and understand what 200+ civilian dead in six days means. Second, go f--k yourselves somewhere, you heartless racist pricks.

Here is my rebuttal:

I feel grief that the children and babies and the innocent to suffer. Not every bomb and missile falls where it is aimed, and those that do may hit civilians who stand between just retribution and cowering terrorist targets.

All the same, these pics are rather pathetic compared to the scenes of true carnage inflicted upon Iraqis, Israelis, Indians, Brits, Americans, Indonesians, Afghans, Australians, and others when a weapon is deliberately targeted to cause mass casualties.

Did you seek to engage public pity then? I would guess not. So it isn't my heart that has hardened, is it?

If this is a representative example of the evidence available, you have proved the OPPOSITE of what you intended!

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