Friday, March 17, 2006

Speaking Truth to Power

She repeated in front of me again that she works with these terrorist groups “nonviolently,” then complained that as a “Palestinian” with Israeli citizenship through her father she could not “go back to the village she came from.”

“But, Huwaida,” I replied. “You were born in the United States. Besides, Arab-Israelis have equal civil rights by law in Israel and you know it.” Stunned at my reply showing I knew her real history, she said, “As an Arab I am discriminated against whenever I go to Israel.” I replied, “Huwaida you go in and out of Israel constantly for the ISM urging the end of Israel, so your claims of discrimination are just not true.” Suddenly, she had to dash away.

Terrorist supporters wither under assault by the light of truth and freedom. Not the doings of the mainstream media, of course, but Lee Kaplan in action.

the ISM have confirmed they function as human shields for Palestinians who engage in terrorism. The penetration of terror supporters into the Georgetown U. administrative infrastructure is truly astonishing:

...According to witnesses inside, Maniaci had asked twice from the audience why the panel had still not answered his question about the Conference’s official position on suicide bombings when Student Affairs Administrator Todd Olson called out “Remove him!” Maniaci, who already needed a cane to walk was dragged from his seat, thrown on the floor, then literally thrown head first through wooden doors to where I and Eric Smulson were outside...A still photographer had appeared to photograph the beating by campus police, but Smulson, the Georgetown public relations flack, waved his hands in front of her camera preventing her from taking any pictures and telling her she was not in a designated area for the press...but a film crew from PBS photographed the attack and pictures and medical treatment records at Walter Reed Army hospital for Maniaci later confirmed he had been severely beaten.

...As soon as I entered I was confronted by another Georgetown administrator named Jim Welsh. He told me someone had said I was taking pictures of the proceedings in Gaston Hall and he wanted to take my camera away if I had done so. I denied having a camera. When I asked him what his position was at Georgetown he told me he was Director of Student Health Services.

...I ran into Dr. Porterfield at one point. I had gone up against him on the Bill O’Reilly Show. I asked him who it was he had spoken to at the FBI and Homeland Security who told him the PSM was in no way involved with terrorism. He admitted he hadn’t spoken to anybody and referred me to GU’s Vice President for Student Safety Dave Morrell. Morrell refused to tell me who he spoke to about the nearly 50 or so groups that make up the Palestine Solidarity Movement that Porterfield had said on TV were cleared by national security agencies.

Hello, Homeland Security? Hello, police? The Patriot Act is clear about not lending logistical or any other type of aid to any terrorist group. Clearly that's what the ISM/PSM is up to. But it now seems right to ask if the named personnel at Georgetown University are guilty of this offense as well.

If you don't find my excerpts convincing, read it all and find out how the U. administration behaved on the SECOND day of the terror-supporters' conference.

In the end, the terror-supporters failed utterly:

as the Conference broke up and the attendees saw this crowd, something not seen lately on college campuses—really angry Jews and Christians—they ran away in fear. Jewish students from George Washington University and the Russians called after them to engage some of them in debate, but the ISM activists would have none of it. They just ran.

They ran away. Most terrorists and their supporters betray a prideful attitude of invincibility: "I belong to a conquering movement that no one can stop!" This frightens many people into submission. But that didn't happen at Georgetown last month. The terror-supporters ran off frightened and defeated. The West won a round in the war of ideas. And it was students, retirees, housewives, and devoted church-going and minyan-attending Americans that organized and did it.

Many of the terror-supporters are relatives of terrorists themselves and are attending U.S. law schools. Their first intent is to litigate Israel to death and, Lee Kaplan writes, the U.S. after that. Kaplan repeatedly points to Saudi money as the root of all this, and predicts that as long as Saudi funds flow to these groups, their efforts to recruit terror-supporters, divest from Israel, and infiltrate America's educational and organized religious institutions will continue.

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