Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thoughts on "Nakba Day"

Why, since Arabs don't display the pity they claim for themselves towards others, do they merit consideration for this mewling?

When Arabs are sorry for

the peoples they displaced,
the lives Arabs have destroyed,
the wives Arabs have forcibly taken,
the sorrows Arabs have created,
the seeds of hatred Arabs have planted,
the lies in the name of religion Arabs have advocated,
the lies in the name of theft Arabs have propagated,
the massacres of the innocent Arabs have committed,
the massacres of the innocent that Arabs have compelled others to commit in self-defense,
the history of peoples abused, robbed, and raped by their fathers that Arabs celebrate to this day,
their abuse of those who provide Arabs with charity, wealth, health, and education,
the cheap value they hold for the lives of their fellow Arab brothers and sisters when they manipulate them for their own ends,

then the plea of the Arabs for greater pity and understanding will be heard in my ears.

Why should their plea be heard by yours?


When The Arabs of Palestine can openly advocate being pro-Israel without fear of being executed without trial by their fellows, then they can discuss the history of the "Nakba". Not before.

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