Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Could Arabs Do Without a "Resistance"?

[T]here are non-violent ways of dealing with Israel and bringing justice finally for the Palestinians.

Yes, BUT that would involve making crazy Arabs sane. If Israel gave back every square inch of territory and its population removed itself to the Moon, wouldn't Arabs and Muslims STILL be chasing around looking for "Zionist enemies", both internal and external, unless a better enemy came along?

Not just to keep Arab and Muslim leaders from being democratically accountable, but to keep Arabs and Muslims themselves from looking in the mirror and confronting just how much of their ills and those of the entire planet are attributable to themselves and their forefathers?

After sixty years of re-writing history and forcibly purged memories, it is a given that the Jews are responsible for the fate of the Arabs of Palestine.

After less than two years most Lebanese believe that Israel started the 2006 war.

On the same day Lebanese are attacked by Hezbollah thugs, Nasrallah publicly proclaims his peaceful past and present intentions, even as his forces receive their own orders over Hezbollah's private communication network, so tomorrow you may hear that any unpleasantness was due to the fact that Hezbollah's forces were unjustly attacked and had to defend themselves. In a year the story may be spread that Hezbollah never carried arms into Beirut at all...

How in the world could Arabs and Muslims handle the psychic backlash of guilt and remorse - not just directed towards Jews but towards God - that sanity would force onto their minds? Isn't that what Qadaffi warned everyone about just last month?

Islam simply does not offer, or perhaps has not evolved, the same relief to the soul that Christianity offers for followers who overcome their ego and renounce evil. Many ex-Khmer Rouges have adopted Roman Catholicism for that very reason.

Therefore, until a suitable spiritual alternative is developed how can Arabs and Muslims do without a sectarian feud, jihad, or "resistance"?

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