Sunday, May 08, 2005

Captain Zarqawi Hook, the World's Most Famous Crook!

I don't think most Westerners realize that the terrorists' current targets are ordinary Iraqis because the terrorists need recruits. Consider the animated Disney classic Peter Pan as a metaphor of current events in Iraq. (Although Zarqawi and the Ba'athists aren't nearly as brave characters as Captain Hook.) At one point, Captain Hook and his pirates capture the children and Lost Boys and attempt to press them into his service:

So, Try the life of a thief,
Just sample the life of a crook.
There isn't a boy
Who won't enjoy
A-workin' for Captain Hook.
The World's Most Famous Crook!

As a special offer for today,
I'll tell you what I'll do.
All those who sign without delay,
Will get a free tattoo.
Why, it's like money in the bank,
C'mon, join up, and I'll be frank:
Unless you do, you'll walk the plank!
The choice is up to you

The choice is up to you.

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!
You'll love the life of a thief,
You'll relish the life of a crook.
There's barrels of fun enough for ev'ryone,
And you'll get treasures by the ton!

So come and sign the book.
Join up with Captain Hook!

Iraqis today learn from one of their television programs, "Terrorism in the Grip of Justice", just the sort of people they are up against: criminals and those who are in their grip. Kidnaping Iraqis and foreigners for ransom is certainly a profitable criminal activity. Threatening ordinary Iraqis with bombs and assassination may be persuasive: join us and make crime your career or die now!

So, why don't the boys sign up with Captain Hook? Well, at first they rush to do so, but stop when their "mother/sister" Wendy points out that this is a shameful activity and holds out that Peter Pan -- the strong, naiive, flighty, superficial boy-hero (an American, of course!) -- will save them. Wendy is the first to walk the plank.

Perhaps, like Wendy, Iraqi women are (or can be) the real moral strength of their people? This writer doesn't know. But for those who may still feel coerced towards a life of crime, consider the lyrics sung by the pirates themselves:

A pirate's life is a wonderful life
You'll find adventure and sport
But live every minute
For all that is in it
The life of a pirate is short.

(The Elegant Captain Hook Music by Sammy Fain. Lyrics by Sammy Cahn.)

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