Thursday, March 03, 2005

George W. Bush, D.D.S

There are bad people in every country, it's just that in these countries the bad people have had to upper hand too long.

I don't think it is useful to believe in "good people" and "bad people". Too simplistic.

Better to believe that good and bad exists in most people, but the right external conditions can bring one quality or the other to prominence. The remaining population consists of:

1) the incorruptibly "good" (nothing to worry about there)
2) the irredeemably "evil" (to be locked away or killed)
3) the blissfully ignorant, and
4) dentists.

That's "dentist" in the broadest possible sense of the word. I'm a dentist. George W. Bush is a dentist. Most U.S. soldiers are dentists, too.

Being such a "dentist" doesn't necessarily have to do with medicine. It is how a dentist makes you feel and how a dentist makes you heal.

How do you feel before going to a dentist? Nervous anticipation of pain and hope of healing. How does the dentist heal? He drills to dispose of the bad teeth, and thus permits the good teeth and gums to prevail, so you feel better.

How do you remember the dentist long afterwards? You remember the drill, the pain, and the self-confidence of the dentist, not the affliction that caused your suffering.

I do not believe it is an accident or coincidence that some of the first pro-U.S. Iraqi bloggers have been Iraqi dentists. The thinking is the same.

How did most Iraqis feel as the certainty of a U.S. invasion approached? How have U.S. troops liberated their country?

How do France, South Korea, and other U.S.-liberated countries feel about America today? And what do they expect the U.S. to do if they feel threatened by a "toothache" in the future?

That doesn't mean being a dentist isn't a worthy profession. (And it's a much better term than that plastic word, "neocon".)

All hail George W. Bush, D.D.S.!

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