Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Shoot the drones?" No, they're legal!

“It grieves me to say that the US drone attacks on Waziristan are patently illegal. The drones, and those who fly them, are violating Pakistan law.” link

Sorry Mr. Smith, but Pakistan law doesn’t apply! Under the post-9/11 U.N. Security Council Resolution 1373 Pakistan has the binding sovereign obligation in international law to root out terrorists, terror havens, terror training camps, and terror financing from its territory. Demonstrable failure on Pakistan’s part to act – as in North Wazirstan – means Pakistan’s sovereignty is nulled when other nations do so.
We don’t hear this argument from diplomats because since 2006 reports about Pakistan’s noncompliance with 1373 have been classified by the Security Council. However, if this “U.S. drone strikes are patently illegal” theme grows further, I wonder if that may change?

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