Thursday, July 29, 2010

PDF Guest post: "chintu"

Hello everybody,
First of all I would like to tell you that I am quite a frequent visitor of PDF. I like to read all the topics that are posted here. For the past 20-30 days I became a member of PDF and I was banned seven times. All I did was replying to those people who disgraced india, Hinduism and hindus. I am not at all posting this post out of frustration. I will speak only the truth.

So here are my observations about PDF, Pakistanis and islam:

1. Moderators and admins of PDF are highly communal. They don’t ban their own fellow Pakistani muslims even if they post highly deterioratory remarks against india, hindus and Hinduism. I was enraged and gave them befitting replies though in a civilized manner.
A word of advice to mods and admins: Give a fair treatment to everybody. Your current behaviour speaks volume about your credibility. If you don’t want Indians to be a part of PDF then frankly say so. You call yourself a “musalmaan” then show some “eemaan” at least.

2. Our Pakistani friends are so na├»ve. It appears that either they don’t know the truth at all or simply don’t want to accept the truth. India is not your enemy at all. In recent years it is forced to do some activities that destabilize Pakistan. WHY?? Because it has now realised that it should play its enemy’s own dirty game to defeat it. This policy is necessary for its survival. Let Pakistan taste its own medicine.

3. Our Pakistani members post some highly biased articles that are based on various conspiracy theories and have no credibility at all and they feed their imaginations with it.
Why do you think that suddenly the entire world equates Pakistan with terror?? There must be some reasons behind it. Some of the world can be mad but the entire world cannot be mad. What do you people think??

4. Now-a-days our world is blessed with internet. Why can’t Pakistanis clear their doubt on various issues on the internet? Rather than posting illogical posts on PDF they can put internet on much better use by clearing their doubts on various conspiracy theories that sprout in their mind from a neutral source.

5. Pakistanis are a victim of general zia-ul-haq’s hate curriculum taught in their schools and madarsas. Your syllabus is filled with hateful and deterioratory remarks about india, hindus and Hinduism. You people have access to internet now. You should clear your doubts from a neutral source. Pakistani govt. has put the ban various sites for precisely this reason and not for the reasons given by them. They fear that the availability of truth will confuse their current generation and they will begin asking question over Pakistan govt.’s policies against india.

6. Pakistani’s are highly misinformed about india. Yes there is poverty , lack of clean drinking water, ****** toilets; but we are fast improving. You should see the UN report that india is removing poverty at a great speed. Our population is great that’s why number of poor looks great on papers but if you compare this stat in percentage of population then this figure is better explained.

7. Pakistanis easily speak foul about hindus and Hinduism. But they themselves turn blind eye on the current state of crises in islam. Teachings of islam are highly misinterpreted. These maulvis and mullas spread wrong interpretations of islam. They do not encourage to ask questions about islam. All the answer is “what if I am praying and I fart??” types of questions.

8. Pakistanis are obsessed with the Saudis and Turks. Have these nations stood along with you even once in times of need?? You talk about Chinese as your best mate. China is a shrewd country, it is only using you. You people are so blinded by these short term benefits that it is harming you in longer run. If Saudis are the leaders of islam then why don’t they lead the Islamic world in so called “holy war” ?? Why do they give charity to terror organisations and let poor and ignorant muslims die in this “holy war” and they themselves live comfortably in their cosy homes.

9. About this so called Kashmir problem, why don’t you people refer from a neutral source to know about the history of this problem and not your history books? The king was a hindu and majority of the population was muslim. This was the precise reason why he asked for time. Had he wanted to join india, he would have joined immediately and might not asked for time. Kashmir would have joined Pakistan eventually but Pakistanis were impatient, they sent armed group to forcefully annex Kashmir and this resulted in king of Kashmir to agree to join india. Had india wanted to annex Kashmir then she would have send its forces much before Pakistanis and you might not be able to illegally occupy parts of Kashmir. And if you people love your Kashmir so much then why give askai chin to china? And also why the issue of Kashmir not raised upto early 1980’s? Pakistan suddenly realised the power of proxy war and begin destabilizing india to check her growth. This is also the reason why Chinese support you. You people are doing their job.

10. Terrorism has become an “organised sector” in Pakistan just like service sector in india and manufacturing sector in china. All the poor, unemployed, brainwashed youth are send to fight “holy war”. life is so much cheap in pakistan.

11. People, especially young generation, of Kashmir , are unemployed and they don’t have a vision of future for themselves. That’s why , in frustration, they indulge in stuffs like stone pelting on security forces for a mere payment is 100 rupees. And when chance of employment comes the same people are seen standing in lines to join armed forces. Indian troops were forced to carry slow genocide to save Kashmir and rightly so. It meant that slowly kiss all the young men so that there is nobody left to protest. There is nothing wrong in this, every country does this. No point getting enraged.

12. Wake up Pakistanis, india is not your enemy. It just want the current state of Kashmir to be made permanent. It is not even asking to return pakistan occupied Kashmir. This issue is ony kept alive because it ensures smooth running of terror sector and some people fill their pockets with money and also ensures the importance of the army is always there and they get more money out of budget.

13. Muslims have no right to abuse any religion for they shall be abused in return.

14. Islam is a barbaric religion. Teachings of islam spread intolerance.

15. The shadow of satanic religion of islam has covered the entire world. The world is truly standing on the brink of war against the evil of islam.

16. Muslims cannot be a part of civil society. They want to cut themselves from the mainstreams. That's why they want to carve out a separate nation from every nation.

17. Pakistan was created only because of the greed of power by muslim leaders and also by Jinnah. There was absolutely no other reason. Nehru war the mass leader and post of prime minister was to be offered to him and not Jinnah. Jinnah sensed this and together along with other religious groups he put forward the demand of creation of state of Pakistan.

18. Pakistan must realise that mixing religion with everything is harming them. Religion should be left alone for personal lives and not with general matters because practical approach is much better in handling them.


This post lasted only a few minutes before it was removed by the moderators as "spam".

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