Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Mother of All the Arabs

The Sandmonkey writes about his mother:
[S]he is one of the most racist people I've ever known or met. She hates Blacks, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Indians, Asians...I once jokingly told her that when I will go to the US for college, I would find me a black Jewish wife and have like 3 babies with her, you know, just to mess with her. She looked me straight in the eye and told me that if I actually did that, she would line up the children next to each other on the wall, so that when she shoots them, she wouldn't miss and waste bullets.

Such a thrifty person! Charming.
This used to disturb me (I mean people with PHD's from Georgetown can not be this closed-minded, right?)...I've tried to change her mind for years using every possible logical, philosophical and religious argument out there, and they would hit the brickwall called her frontal lobe, and then wouldn't go anywhere.

Here's the key:
I then realized that it might be best if I just let it be. She , after all, has been this way all of her life, and she isn't going to change now. Plus, what if I did succeed and she saw the error of her ways? She would spend the rest of her life horrified of how she spent the majority of her life and she would try unsuccessfully to make-up for it and fail, because, like, how do you make up for something like that?

My response:
Oho! You're the first Arab I’ve ever known who realized this. Perhaps the better question is why you don’t feel the same way.

The answer, I suppose, is that not only are you innocent of such errors, you respect your parents yet you don’t feel as if they own your soul and therefore you don’t have to follow in the same path they did. How many other Arabs like you are there? What would the world be like if they could come out of the closet?

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