Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Confession, Apology, & Obituary

This blog is premised on the basis that Solomon2 thinks he is wise. This post is proof that he is not, at least not all the time.

Last night I learned about the death of a soldier in Iraq, 1LT Andrew Bacevich. Solomon2 had ripped into and unjustly insulted this young man's father in a post two years ago. (I am too embarassed to link to it, but the post remains up.) I now realize that because I was wedded to my own fixed world-view, I vilified the father to blind myself to the other world-view he had to offer. I feel shamed and diminished that it took the death of a promising young man for me to realize this.

I apologize, Dr. Bacevich, and offer you my condolences on the death of your son.

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