Friday, June 15, 2007

What happens when you reject Zionism

It's tough to advocate human freedom and reject Zionism at the same time. The justice of Zionism is so firmly rooted that insistence on rejecting it naturally leads to the rejection of reason itself, and eventually civilized norms of tolerance. Egyptian commentator Kamal Gabriel points out in the Arabic on-line journal Elaph. MEMRI translation is here, I offer the Google translation for comparison:
What is happening now in the Gaza Strip, since Israel withdrew in, a clear example of what we expose ourselves, attendant rules between brothers home, the wretched, wretched Power returns culture, the biggest and most dangerous to be a result of differences in viewpoints among the opponents, or be due to the absence of strong central authority, or even what they call chaos disarmament, all of this is definitely, but in more serious matter, which failed to overcome bilateral meetings between the parties, or meetings sponsored by a third party, in Gaza or Cairo or Mecca, or even Arab summit conferences folklore, That is the fighting of everyone against everyone and Kauda basic structure is mental, psychological, which is by the Palestinian people, as a corollary of the speech inciting hostility prevailing, and adopted by all directions and the Palestinian factions, religious, nationalist and leftist revolutionary, and a speech aimed sow hatred and the option of resorting to violence and bloodshed to enjoy, It was primarily directed against what they called the Israeli enemy, and that his removal every likelihood or tendency of rational understanding, or resorting to discussion, dialogue and negotiation...

Perhaps no one noticed-and where we think in the absence of reason and rationality - that you extracted from the individual or the total culture of the use of reason and peaceful dialogue, and replaces the culture of violence and the killing of controversial, you can not yet harnessed and directed to employ against a specific single, what we call the beginning is the Zionist enemy...Thus, our blessed the flames of violence and hatred which extends from the Zionist enemy, extend to each of Isadegh or help, even if it helps us, too, and rely on him for everything from medicine to food, and extending Envena our dislike to America, England and the rest of the Western world, and press ahead...Still walking our mujahid or sweet nothingness, and the corollary to the rule of the culture and psychology of violence and spreading, that is what we see and harder and defied all attempts at containment of violence between brothers, who all agree that they proletarian all standards...

...The crisis in the region is not in the size of their differences in views or differences in interests with their neighbors or with the world, and that this can find them reason and dialogue solutions wholly or partially, or completely satisfactory can be accepted or even intolerable, But the real crisis is that the peoples of the region need rehabilitation psychological and cultural, must be preceded by the letter of incitement and violence and hatred, all colors and classifications, but can this happen, the fire of hatred erupted in the trees, and stone? ! !

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