Monday, February 26, 2007

Four from Strategypage is always worth reading, but these four articles struck me as particularly good:

Lebanon: Family Ties That Make Nations Die
The problem is a lack of loyalty to the nation. People are more loyal to a family, social or religious group, than they are to a national government. While a Lebanese, when asked what he is by a foreigner, will say, "Lebanese," when it comes to Lebanese politics, there are no Lebanese.

The order of battle of Iran's Terrorism Expediters:
The Quds Force has eight departments, each assigned to a different part of the world. While the one that works in the Palestine/Lebanon/Jordan area have been the most successful, the other departments have been hard at it for two decades.

A survey of Moslem minds: Islam's Secret Weapon
...when Moslems talk about all the West owes the Islamic world in terms of science, they must refer to events many centuries in the past...Many Arabs admit that Israel must go because it embarrasses the Moslem world. The despots that run most Arab countries encourage this concentrated hatred of Israel, and blaming of Israel for the regions problems, as a way to deflect criticism of their own miserable misrule.

America Learns Arabic:
...the FBI has hundreds of agents with some proficiency with Arabic, and enough linguists to translate 34,000 wiretap messages a month... its Arab translators become even more hostile to Islamic radicalism after listening to hours of people spewing their ethnic and religious hatred in wiretapped conversations.

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