Thursday, July 13, 2006

Response to Suha

Ok, I 've had it with this logic:
"Oh, Lebanese, we support you, we feel sorry for you, but we support out country's bombing of Lebanon".

I guess in some warped universe this makes sense. But in my real world, where my family's life is threatened it does not. You cannot support us and other innocent Lebanese and support the IDF's unproprortional use of force which will inevitably cause civilian casualties (what you call "self defense"). You cannot support peace and support the bombing of Lebanon at the same time. It is like me saying "I am against the slaying of innocent Israelis but I support the Palestinian's right to suicide bombing." Well, I have news for you: I don't!

If Hizballah is a rogue element that is causing instability in the region, what does that make Israel? A peace loving country? Spare me the BS!

Suha, in World War II the allies wanted peace but knew they could only achieve it by bombarding and invading Germany. Lots of Germans, innocent or not, died that way.

The Europeans learned a terrible lesson: that war is for self-defense only, not thievery. For the most part, Arab populations were spared that experience.

The "Party of God", tolerated on Lebanese soil, started this fight and their ultimate aims are not pretty. If Israel wasn't a "peace-loving country" they would never have withdrawn from the Sinai, Gaza, Lebanon, etc. at all. It isn't like anybody was powerful enough to force them to do it.

Suha, I'm not there and have never experienced what you are going through, I can only imagine it. You feel powerless. I suppose you rail against Israel and its supporters because you know we are democrats who listen to many points of view. Railing against us might do something. Railing against Hezbollah seems useless or worse.

I have no suggestions as to what you should do. I hope you and your family survive. But I pray that Israel and Lebanon succeed in ridding the world of the great menace of Hezbollah even more.

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