Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Why I Hate Islam"

...The behavior is nothing short of a breathtaking view of what happens when even the most basic moralities are co opted by evil. With the help of self serving political and religious leaders, Islamic leaders have conveyed the notion that the situation Arabs find themselves in is because of, a) a 'weakness' in their faith and, b) because they are so superior by virtue of their faith, they have every right to impose at will whatever indignities they see fit at any time. They are victims and they can extract revenge as they see fit.

Notwithstanding all the billions of words written to date and the billions more that have yet to be published, the two reasons referred to are the cause of Arab and Islamic discontent.

My hatred for all things Islamic stems from the truth that one of the people I admire most in the world is a Muslim. After 10 plus years, I can say my friend is the singularly most decent, honest and kindest person I know.

My friend believes in God, without equivocation, and my friend is outraged at yoke that must be borne by true Muslim believers because of the disintegration of Islam. The shame of many- but not all, who go to mosques to pray, cannot be measured. My friend describes an unwritten code and language decent Muslims share, so that they might find each other. They are too frightened to speak freely and they are too frightened to stand up to the bullies that have taken over the mosques and Islamic schools. They are the messengers of those that have redefined Islam...These people have stripped Muslims of almost all their dignity by stripping away even their faith...Islam has been replaced by a new faith that has come to worship death and destruction as the highest ideals of man.

...My friend bitterly, if quietly, jokes that Israel doesn't need the Arab world- it is the Arab and Muslim world that need Israel, because Israel is the mirror that fuels the self hatred, highlights their own ugliness. In fact, that emotion of self hatred runs so deep, that it cripples the Arab and Islamic world from moving forward -

I have refrained from reprinting the post in its entirety. Nevertheless, SigCarlFred's powerful yet reasoned rant is required reading for everyone.

Perhaps victory in the Global War on Terror cannot be achieved until we hold Islam to as high a standard as our own culture and thus expose it to such criticisms worldwide, not just at home, enforcing such tolerance and freedom with military action as required. Until then, how can the quiet moderation of G-d-fearing Muslims prevail?

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