Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What would happen if we called things by their "real" names?

Omar says "I just hope that the medai [sic] will someday go back to reason and quit using the term "insurgents"...They must consider calling things with their real names...That's if they want to be "objective" as they claim to be."

And if they aren't objective, who is going to tell the media's victims? The politicians?

Very few people can actually check on the media to verify the veracity and judge the selectivity of their reports. I can do it, sometimes, because I live in the D.C. area; Iraqis can do it because they are living the nightmare and can see media distortions for themselves. News bosses now say they their highest value is their reporter's safety, and "insurgents" shoot at unfriendly voices much more readily than U.S. troops -- that's just one, but not the only, reason why the tone of reporting is so skewed.

Besides, just THINK of what news reports would be like if we called things by their real names:

"insurgents" would be called "re-enslavers"

"Palestinians" would be called "stateless Arabs"

American "occupiers" would be called "liberators"

and, of course, "militants" would be called "terrorists"....

I'm not going to do it all, let someone else continue!

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