Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Snowblower Diplomacy

Solomon, Solomon, there's hope for peace in the middle east after all!

Because Arafat is now dead and buried?

No, not that. I just went to Sears to buy a snowblower --

What can THAT possibly have to do with mideast peace? Did you think you could use it to move sand off a diplomat's front porch?

Shut up and listen to me! I had just signed the contract and was examining my purchase when another shopper, totally unknown to me, walked over and said, "You don't want to buy that snowblower; it's garbage! Look at those handles, and the plastic blades! I got one for free from one of my customers and it wasn't worth the price! I'm telling you, as a Palestinian to a Jew, don't buy that machine! For thirteen dollars more you can buy a much better one at Home Depot!"


Yes! I checked out everything he said was wrong with the machine, and, sure enough, he was right! What he was trying to tell me, I think, was that no matter how much he hated me as a Jew, he hated that Sears Craftsman snowblower even more!

Yes, but he couldn't quite put it into those words now, could he? What happened next?

I did just what he said: I cancelled my purchase and went to Home Depot to buy the snowblower he suggested --- a much more sturdy model.

You blew it. You should have bought the first machine after all.

Why would I do that? Out of spite for the man?

Not at all. So you could discover just how bad a Sears Craftsman snowblower has to be to make a Palestinian hate a mere machine more than he hates a Jew.

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