Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Bush got everything he wanted from the U.N. -- even the strings he wanted attached:

"The compromise gives Iraqi leaders control over the activities of their own fledgling security forces and a say on "sensitive offensive operations" by the U.S.-led multinational force — such as the controversial siege of Fallujah. But the measure stops short of granting the Iraqis a veto over major U.S.-led military operations as France and Germany wanted."

In other words, Iraqis are obliged to be responsible for LOCAL security matters, but not regional issues. If law-and-order continues to deteriorate, it isn't the fault of the coalition. Conversely, if the security situation improves, Iraqis need not feel bitter towards the coalition for "repressing" them, but can take pride in their ability to govern themselves. At this stage, what could be better?

"U.N. Endorses Iraq Sovereignty Transfer"

- If western reporters and their news organizations could take a more fair and balanced approach. That could only be positive.

Won't happen anytime soon. They're too scared.

- Scared of what?

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