Friday, March 30, 2007

As Egypt changes, so will its Security forces

We met with Mr. Wael Aboulmagd, Deputy chief of Mission and handed him a signed Open Letter for to Mubarak protesting against the amendments and condemning the thuggery attack or on political activists in Cairo and demanding their release. I will be uploading the letter also soon.

Mr. Wael said expressing our concerns and debating the amendments was very healthy. When I told him its a shame this can only happen in USA while fellows who were doing it in Egypt last night were kidnapped and beaten by security agents; he said “you don’t expect Egypt to change overnight. It will take more time for Security apparatus to change mentality”."

What could that mean? Back in Egypt last week:
"One of them started talking about how sometimes he feels bad about those protestors who get beaten and hurt. He said he feels bad especially for the girls who get assaulted in the middle. He kind of pissed me off. I told him that I heard a lot of people were getting assaulted and beaten yesterday, including girls. His excuse was that when one or two people gets beaten and hurt, it would be better than the entire group being collectively assaulted. He also said that when the designated few get beaten, the rest would get scared and they would not repeat this mistake again...

...I jumped in the conversations when the policeman was saying, “Do you really believe a bunch of them AUC students can make our lives better?”"

Conclusion: Egyptians are supposed to change and become "scared". Then the police won't assault them. That will change the mentality of the security apparatus.

However: Questions like the last one above show that the Security apparatus is considering its options: maybe the college students really can do more than a president who has spent the past twenty-six years in office.

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