Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"The Last, Best Hope of Mankind"

is discussed in two excellent articles at The American Thinker. Consider The Essential Nobility of U.S. Foreign Policy:
Unquestionably, American foreign policy must protect American interests. But in the strategic vision of FDR, Wilson, Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan, the long-term interest of America requires that we support democracies, work for the liberation of enslaved nations (as we did with Latvia and Lithuania), and avoid the short-term gains of selling out our friends, and bear the expense of pushing for world of free peoples...

Then ponder Religions of Freedom:
...If we cannot reconcile divine omnipotence and divine goodness, we must choose between them. Islam has chosen divine omnipotence. It may praise God’s goodness and mercy, but because it holds that everything that happens is the direct result of God’s will, it must make God responsible for rape, murder, theft, adultery, deceit, and so on, even blasphemy; and if God is responsible for these evil deeds, then they must not be evil after all.

“If God did not want those people to die,” says the mullah, “why did he allow those airliners to crash into the World Trade Center?”

I'd like to delve into these articles further but the Passover holiday is rapidly approaching so my blogging and commenting activities will be light for the next week or so.

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