Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Sandmonkey Takes a Break

One of my favorite bloggers, the Egyptian Sandmonkey, is finding things tough:

I have been having a serious case of apathy/writer's block/ depression/ annoyance/boredom/ Life just sucks syndrome lately...

This sandmonkey is tired. He is tired of ranting, tired of explaining, tired of fighting a lost battle. My energy is depleted, and I have been running on empty for a while now, and i am this close to giving up. I need some rest.

SM, you did right. I have a prescription for writer's block: if you can't write about what you originally wanted to, write about something else that motivates you.

A tale of one such writer: he graduated from college in the 80s determined to be taken very seriously. He wanted to write a very serious novel about nuclear war, the military-industrial complex, and how crazy the whole system of Mutually Assured Destruction was. He felt he was doing his part to convince the American people not to support Ronald Reagan in America's struggle against the "Evil Empire".

After many months he finishes his novel and shops it around. Publisher after publisher rejects him!

Finally, even his girlfriend dumps him. In a fit of complete lunatic madness he scribbles out a two hundred page rant: One Hundred Ways to Kill Your Girlfriend's Cat.

Would-be author goes to the office of the last publisher on his list:

"Well, I've skimmed your war novel. We don't think we can make it sell."

"I'll take it back, then!"

"There you go. Hey, all this stuff dropped out of your briefcase!"

Publisher glances at pages, starts reading, cracks up. "Hey, this is great! We'll take it!"

[I think this is the book!] So would-be "serious" writer became known as the best-selling author about how to kill your girlfriend's cat. (But he never managed to publish the "serious" novel he slaved away for months on.)


The Sandmonkey assures us he will return to blogging eventually. I look forward to it.

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